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ESL forum > Grammar and Linguistics > Useful ´sites for English pronunciation, accent and dialect examples.    

Useful ´sites for English pronunciation, accent and dialect examples.

alien boy

Useful ´sites for English pronunciation, accent and dialect examples.
Hi everyone,

I read many discussions here about the �right� way to pronounce words (and numbers) in English. Maybe it�s because of a little linguistics study but I feel that there are many ways to pronounce English correctly - it all depends on where you�re from & who you learned English from.

Here are some really good sites with sound files that can be listened to or downloaded if you want some examples for yourself or your students!

Eva Easton�s Authentic American Pronunciation
(uses RealPlayer & Flash)

TalkBank - so much here to explore!

Dictionary of American Regional English (DARE)
- this link takes you to the story of �Arthur the Rat�, a downloadable sound file & a transcript (on the page) of a story read by 10- different Americans. I used this with my Junior High School students to share some accent variations with them!

English Speakers Around the World - a collection of some great audio files. It includes �Arthur the Rat� by more than just Americans!

Sounds Familiar - a wonderful collection from the British Library and very user friendly! This is another site I introduced to my students.

English Pronunciation Tip of the Day - a useful site with a lot of tips in the archive.

Strine - an interesting site about Australia. It has some great info on cultural differences too! Explore the site if you�re interested in Australia. One word of warning though - the authors make a lot of generalisations, so always look for a second opinion (i.e. don�t use this as your only source of information!) if you�re going to study Australia in your class!

World English - just click a flag to hear a sample. There are also a lot of other interesting links here too!

Well, that�s just a few to get the ball rolling. I�m sure I�ve got a lot more references/bookmarks in my linguistics stuff in my main computer!

Anyway, hope you have a great weekend everyone!

14 Dec 2008