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ESL forum > Techniques and methods in Language Teaching > Prepositions ? Should we teach them ?    

Prepositions ? Should we teach them ?


Prepositions ? Should we teach them ?
Hi everybody

What do you think about not teaching "prepositions" but to have our ss learn them in context.

I have tried with some ss and have felt it is really working.  Maybe you have made some other experiments like this in any occassion or under specific circumstances which have proved to be good.  It will be encouraging to hear from any of you changing the traditional method in teaching grammar so as to fit a plan that is more efficient to my ss.

Thanks in advance

6 Apr 2011      

Costa Rica

Hello mercader11.
When I have taught prepositions of place and movement, first, I draw a map on the floor (with tape) and I add stores, museums, parks, supermarkets, banks. I usually draw the main streets and avenues of San Jose city, so it will be even more meaningful.   Then I combine two English features (modals and prepositions). I draw the map on the floor and I ask them to work in pairs, switching roles as tourist or local. The local one steps on one especific place on the map and the tourist comes and asks him/her for directions.  They have to use these phrases "Excuse me, could you tell me where I can  find a (supermarket/ shoe store)... then, it comes the prepositions... "Yes, you have to walk three blocks and turn to the left... the store will be across from the bank... The tourists has to follow the exact directions given by the local.  When I introduce this activity, I ask some of my students for directions and some times they give me the right ones, but it �s funny also to follow the wrong ones... everybody laughs and is more aware of possible mistakes.
In this way, they practice prepositions in a natural way.
I hope you find this useful. 

6 Apr 2011     


 I think using examples that show the use of prepositions in context is a great way to teach prepositions.  The way I am learning particles in Japanese is through contextual examples.  Technically, I am still being taught about particles, I am just getting to see them first hand and devise my own rules.


Particles are similar to prepositions and some particles act just like prepositions.  So, that is why I gave my first hand learner �s account of it.


6 Apr 2011     


I always teach grammar in context, never just let �s study "prepositions" or "irregular verbs" or whatever. I always have a text where the grammer point I want to teach is used and then I explain and do exercises. Whith small children, I don �t explain grammar, we just use it.

6 Apr 2011     


I use newspapers/magazines, butchers paper and glue.  Students work in small groups to find the prepositions (prepositional phrases), cut them out and glue on the butchers paper.  They then present these to the class.  The activity is highly successful and fun.  Plus, you don�t need to photocopy anything.

6 Apr 2011