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ESL forum > Techniques and methods in Language Teaching > relaxing techniques for students    

relaxing techniques for students


relaxing techniques for students
I was wondering... Have you ever tried to do some yoga exercises or some relaxing techniques ( like brething exercises...) with your students before you start the lesson or when you see your class is particularly tired, bored or restless? (I am not talking about a real yoga lesson, I am an ESL teacher!!!) 
I �d like to do something like that but I don �t want to have the opposite reaction (laughing or restlessness) and I don �t know how to start. I have attended myself yoga lessons for a period and I must say they were really useful to help me relax and focus my attention... do you have any ideas? have you ever tried something like that at school?
 thanks for your answers
OlaOla (Tiziana)

14 Apr 2011      


Hi! yes, I used them when I was in first, second and third class with my students, when they were particularly tired or restless and ansious about something that bother them. I usually but a relaxing tune and start telling them a story ( relaxing ones, about a feather or a leaf blown by the wind... the story of a drop water...)
In the beginning someone try to laugh or to open his eyes, but when they saw I didn �t react, they stopped and listened to me. It was a good experience for them they really calm down, the important is to take no more than 10 minutes.
Bye Lorena

14 Apr 2011     


I have also tried this with my class and would agree with Loree83.  Don �t make it too long.  I found some good short readings on the internet.  You will find that the students tend to giggle at first, but after a couple of times they really enjoy it. 

14 Apr 2011     

Kate (kkcat)
Russian Federation

I love the idea! I haven �t tried it yet but I �m thinking about it :)

I do quite the opposite with my 12 year olds. Sometimes they come to class and I see they are tired and lazy and didn �t get enough sleep....they come to me after their regular classes at school so all they want is a nap.... in that case I try to kinda wake them up. I turn on energetic music and ask them to jump, jump and clap, jump clap and smile....then I aks them to do sit ups or repeat some funny dance moves after me and stuff like that....a 5 minute aerobics break :) It works wonders...they are alert the rest of the class !:))

14 Apr 2011     

Saudi Arabia

I love the idea!
I really try to enjoy the students as I can.

14 Apr 2011     


The best relaxation is to tell a joke and laugh, laugh, laugh like Santa Claus -- Ho, ho, ho! Smile

15 Apr 2011