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ESL forum > Techniques and methods in Language Teaching > Logic puzzles - Animals    

Logic puzzles - Animals

Czech Republic

Logic puzzles - Animals
Hi colleagues,
I have been working on a large project. It is a collection of 60 games/activities. Various grammar and speaking topics as well as writing tasks and comprehensive lists of verbs, adjectives and adverbs as well as nouns connected to animal topic.

I wonder if you know any funny animal games/speaking activities which you have never seen on eslprintables?
Maybe your local national game??
Or have you ever taught any unusual grammar topic while talking about animals?

I have games on present and past tenses, If, neither-nor, comparatives, superlatives, modals, plurals, posessives, relative clauses, prepositions, adverbs of freqency, dis/likes, as...as.
I have just discovered a great activity - logic puzzle - analogies:
pigs to pork as ...cattle... to beef, beavers to America as platypus to ....Australia....,
rabbits to carrots as ....pandas... to bamboo.

Do you happen to know any enjoyable activity such this one?

24 Apr 2011      


This game can be as a verb game or an adjective game as well.
The cards are made with the names of animals on them. (nouns)
Another set of cards are the actions these animals can do ( verbs)
The third set of cards are the discribing characteristics of the animals ( adjectives)
The students put the nouns in a column and a teacher pick any verb and a student got to match with the right noun. The same idea with the adjectives
For example:
timid ( adjective) mouse(noun) squeaks ( verb)
busy bee hums
gentle lamb bleats
clumsy bear growls and etc.  
A couple more:
I.Q. Wild Animals
Eeach card contains five clues: Answer on the first clue, and you earn five points and consecutively 4, 3, 2 1 which all having a clue.
like this: 5 Horny pads on my chest and knees ptotect me when I kneel
               4 Because I travel in the land f sandstorms, i have a double row of
                  eyelashes. I also can close my nostrils if I need to.
                3. Humans calls the īī ship of the desert"
               2. i store fat in the large hump on my back. I helps me survive fr long periods
                   without food or water.
               1. Show the picture on the front of the card
                  Answer: camel
  The player with the most points at the end of the game wins!
Another game is Safari audio lotto
Itīs complicated to make but lotīs of fun.
And the player will soon become able to identify the fine distincions that differentiate 50 animal cries from one another!
itīs actually challenging for adults too ;)
1 Audio compact disk 50 numbered cries of different animals
24 game cards: 12 beginners
                          12 experts
                          ( 25 animal pictures per card)
1 presentation poster ( like 1. the frog amphibian, the order of the Anura, it croaks. And some inf about a frog like cold blooded, webbed feet and so on.
1 Control sheet for the game leader
200 chips

24 Apr 2011