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ESL forum > Games, activities and teaching ideas > How to teach "mixed type"?    

How to teach "mixed type"?


How to teach "mixed type"?
Hello dear teachers,

I need some ideas about how to teach" mixed types". What kind of introduction can I have for the first lesson? If you have any experience with teaching it before, how did you do it?

Thanks in advance.

26 Apr 2011      


I taught mixed conditionals last week and I told my students an episode from my life but of course it was not real. I asked contextual questions and then they gave me the answers I was waiting for. I wrote those sentences on the board and we discussed if both parts of the sentence refer to present or past. Later I gave them similar situations and asked them to write similar sentences. In the end, one of my students wrote the formula on the board. I forgot to tell that I had revised 2nd and 3rd conditionals in the previous lesson.
Hope you find these ideas useful.

26 Apr 2011     


If I had learnt ......... well last year I would speak English quite well now. Hahahaha - it īs a funny sentence I write on the board at the beginning of the lesson. The effect is always very good as most of the students understand the idea of mixed conditionals at once, without my attempt to explain it to them! (in the ................. space students must write the problematic areas of English grammar they had a problem with last year)

26 Apr 2011     


Try with these ones:
If William hadn īt met Kate, they wouldn īt get married next Saturday. 
If you had had breakfast before you came to school, you wouldn īt be hungry now.
If you hadn īt crashed your car, we could travel to the city to watch the concert.
If Barcelona hadn īt won so many games in the past, people wouldn īt expect them to win tomorrow.
Hope it helps

26 Apr 2011     

United Kingdom

I like:
If you had been born rich/poor/in USA/the opposite sex etc, how would your life be different today?

26 Apr 2011     


I don īt know if it īs a mixed sentence.

We īre missing a person and need to find him/her.
If she was on ESL printables at 10, she couldn īt have been at work by 11.

26 Apr 2011     


thank you all!
I appreciate your help by heart! there are really good ideas!

26 Apr 2011