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Reducing page size


Reducing page size
Hello to you all!
I prepared a page to go with the pages I uploaded today but as it contained many pictures it was just too big. I tried to reduce it in the different  ways i know but it didn ´t reduce the page size enough. Any ideas to help me reduce it more. Thanks in advance
have a nice day

27 Apr 2011      

maryse peyé

Hi dear Ronit,
have you got a scanner ? If yes, I reduce my page with it. Let me explain.
1st : print your page as you would like it to be on your file (personally I often print only the pictures in the page, then I add directly the text by typing it in once the pictured background registered in my file)
2nd : put your document on the scanner
3rd : when the window of the scanner appears go to the indication "resolution" and put 96 (or less according to the size you want to give to your page)
4th : once this scanning done register this image in a file you are sure to find easily
5th : close the window of the scanner
6th : open the document you want to put the page in and place the screen cursor on the place of the document you want to insert your page
7th : go to the tool bar where ´insertion ´ is written
8th : then, once the list of possibilities readable, click on ´image ´, then on ´from the files ´(a 2nd open window close to the 1st).
9th : a new window will open, click on ´insert an image ´
10th : you will see ´look in ´ up on the left side : type the name of the file in which you have registered your scanned page
11th : once your page selected you will see the word ´insert ´ written at the bottom right. Click on.
Here you are ! Your page will appear in your document and you can work on its size and add text on if necessary.
hope this will help.

27 Apr 2011     


Download Gimp, the best freeware alternative to Photoshop.
Install Gimp on your computer.
Make some free tutorial about change the size of JPG images, like this:
Then you can control all your images size!

27 Apr 2011     


Hi Ronit,
What I would do is simply save the pictures again on my computer (that is if they aren ´t already there) and open them in "windows picture menager", where you can change the weight of all the pictures together. Then just reupload them to the worksheet.
I do this all the time, it takes a few seconds really..
Hope it helps!
Ranit :-)

28 Apr 2011