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Lessons on role models


Lessons on role models
Hi, everyone,
I am going to start a new unit on role models,so I wonder if there are any interesting ideas to start the lesson? Thanks in advance.

2 May 2011      

maryse peyé

why not ask your students what character they would like to be ? and why ? Make them point out how difficult it is to be perfect. The more you are famous the more people are closely aware of each of your actions and behaviors and the less they forgive you your errors. Talk about paparazzi and their bad habits which often prejudice those public people.
hope this will help.
Good Monday !

2 May 2011     


I put a funny spin on role-models a few years ago. I taught the students about The Darwin Awards, and we had to choose the most stupid person out of four Darwin Award Winners. Students had to say why they chose that person. It was an hilarious twist on a role-models unit and the students really enjoyed it! 


2 May 2011     


Personalize it - ask each student to consider who their own role models are ... both role models that they know personally and role models in the media or history.
They could then have discussions in small groups, sharing their ideas.

2 May 2011     

United States

I once put up pictures of different people, both good and bad, from history and curent celebrities and then told my students that all of these people are role models.  We had some fun having them try to explain why certain people were role models (i.e. Ghenghis Kahn as a role model). 
After a while I explained to them that there are positive and negative role models and then we discussed the differences and the affects they could have on people. 
It was a great lesson, everyone loved it. 
OBTW: I was teaching leadership at the time, not English.

2 May 2011