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ESL forum > Games, activities and teaching ideas > How to teach a group of ados    

How to teach a group of ados


How to teach a group of ados

I teach groups of kids in France and up to recently my lessons have been going really well. I have started a new group of ado’s, kids from 12 to 15 years old.
I can īt find anything to get them interested in learning English. The only 2 things they like are quizzes and listening to music and filling in the blanks on the lyrics....
I have tried hangman, charades, Chinese whispers, taboo, truth or dare and guessing games.
Has anyone got any ideas?
Thanks in advance,

Thanks to eslprintables I love your site.


3 May 2011      


I have been teaching very complicated students who are not interested in learning anything. To motivate them I have been using powerpoints, crosswords and wordsearch, matching words with images, songs, films the watch and then they do a handout with multiple choise, flashcards, bingos,... and I have had lots of succeed. There is a lot here and I have got a lot more, but the size is too big to send to ESL.
I hope I helped you.

3 May 2011     

Czech Republic

... I found these suggestions quite interesting

3 May 2011     


As a change, put them in the role of the "leader" for let īs say about once a month. Ask them to pre-plan the lesson and bring in their own material , even in their own language , which they would like to see in English. Put them in groups and ask them to vote for the best suggestion and proceed from there. They could just even translate the menu of a famous French restaurant and then pretend they went there and ordered. Or bring in a recipe and translate it in English and pretend to be cooks. Or if you choose a song, pretend that you went to a club later on and ordered drinks or asked somebody to dance with.I think miming and dramatising always motivates students because they want to be involved in realistic situations. They are going to get very noisy...but trust me , this noise means that they are becoming very enthusiastic. Soon they īll ask for more - Maria

3 May 2011     


Thanks everyone. You have all given me some really good ideas. I īm going to start with getting them to write their own role-plays.
Thank you very much.

4 May 2011