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AWL -Academic Word List


AWL -Academic Word List
Good morning to you all, 

-Does anyone out there use the AWL in their lessons? 

-How do you teach it? 
-Do you have a dedicated Vocab lesson or do you just try to bring an awareness of the list/words during your lessons. 

We  have found that our students are not properly prepared for what is expected of them academically after they have completed foundation(which is where I teach). Their level of English isn �t very high in our college.They enter on an IELTS band of +- 1.5 /2 and exit on about 3 / 3.5 (i.e from foundation ) which isn �t great, but it �s the best we can do .Their attitude towards foundation is that it is �fundation � and they only wake up when it �s almost too late in the academic year. There are various reasons why it is the way it is, but too many to bore you with for now and it isn �t really pertinent to my question...s . ;o)

I think by introducing and using the AWL will bridge the gap in all genres and I would like to introduce it in my study skills class and then get the weeks words recycled in all their other lessons [...a tad ambitious, but possible] and would like to get some suggestions from some of you on how you present it,  integrate it into the syllabus , how to ensure retention and ensure it is recycled and how to assess it ?

I know I �m asking a lot , but we are busy brainstorming how to turn the general attitude of the students around and how to change the syllabi �s to prepare them better for their Diploma and Bachelors courses and so I thought that I would bounce it off you to to get a wider field of expert knowledge into our �think-tank �.

Thanks in advance and I look forward to hearing some suggestions
Have an awesome day!!

3 Jun 2011      


Good morning.
I teach TOEFL in Canada and have used several resources to teach and increase the students range of academic vocabulary. The exercises in the Official Guide to the TOEFL test are very comprehensive and we complete one of these exercises with every three hour class. As well, my students liked the theme based approach found in "Academic Vocabulary" by Amy E. Olsen. I highly recommend this book. There is another resource - Essentials of Teaching Academic Vocabulary by Averil Coxhead that is very useful for developing academic vocabulary teaching strategies.
I hope this assists you.
Best Regards.

3 Jun 2011