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ESL forum > Teaching material > Uploading my worksheets and images used inside of them    

Uploading my worksheets and images used inside of them


Uploading my worksheets and images used inside of them
I�ve seen there are rules against copying images from other people works in here, but you sometimes you just surf google images or whatever and then pick the ones you need for yourk worksheets; i have no time for revising any of the thousands worksheets you can find in here; so my problem is this: i have a couple of sheets i want to upload, but i�m not sure of not being using an image previously used in this web, so that i don�t really want to break any rule or hurt anyone�s feelings "copying"his/her work (though the image doesn�t belong to him, he just used it once or twice or whatever); of course i�m not referring about copying all the possible images from a worksheet and use them later in another one just changing the activities, that�s awful of course; but sometimes, maybe one or two o even three, don�t know, can be used without the knowledge of being copying only because you took them from the same place not knowing it. And sometimes maybe it happens the same with exercises, i�m really scare of uploading something, and being accused of copying someone�s work, because sometimes you just have an idea and later you make it real with your worksheet; you don�t really know if anyone had this idea before(there�s a sentence in Spanish that says "there�s nothing new under the sun", that means that there is not really anything new everywhere, that everything has being already invented); so these are my fears, to upload something and be punished just trying to upload my materials to help other like others help me before...

4 Jun 2011      

Bruna Dutra

My advice: Upload whatever you want, provided you �re sure it was made BY YOU. If it somehow gets reported and removed (because of clipart or something else), the sun will shine just the same on the following day.

ESLp rules exist to make the website better, but not to prevent people from uploading and sharing their work.

So go ahead and share your work with us, and in exchange, you �ll get warm messages of thanks, sometimes great feedback to your work, and most importantly, a buttload of great material!


4 Jun 2011     


don �t worry, no one will check how many images you have in common with other worksheets!
all you need to do is not use watermark cliparts
like this one:

there are a few members who pay for their cliparts, and they usually mention it in the description of their worksheets, so don �t copy their clipart, but otherwise most of us find our images on google or on free websites so if you find one you like you can always ask the author of the worksheet if you can copy it, it �s the nicest way to do it!

take care and welcome to this wonderful website!


4 Jun 2011     

United States

I have always thought that taking images from google searches is usually copyright infringement, unless you have verified that the  image in in the public domain, or was published under a creative commons share alike copyright https://creativecommons.org/about (copyleft).

These sites have public domain clip art.




Phillip Martin also allows teachers to use his clip art, as many teachers here have done.

has either creative commons images, where you have to acknowldge the creater, or public domain images.

Many royalty free sites are free to use only in the classroom or for personal use. The clip art owners consider posting worksheets using their clip art as an illegal distribution since they are digitized and easily copied by third parties who have not purchased the licence to distribute them.

Cartoon characters like the popular Simpsons and Sponge Bob might not be in the public domain.
This Bart Simpson http://www.openclipart.org/detail/32041 is in the puboloic domain, but it does not look like the Bart Simpson that students know and love.

I found several likeneses in a clip art collection that claimed to have only public domain clipart, but I wrote for permission to use it and  sought verification that it was legal to use it in worksheets.

This is what Twentieth Century Fox wrote me:


FW: permission request to use simpsons graphics for school powerpoint

Janie Freedman para mim
mostrar detalhes 24/09/09

Dear Mary,
Thank you for your request.  Sadly, however, we cannot grant permission to you to use images from "The Simpsons" in your Power Point and on your teacher �s group site.  None of the images are in "pubic domain."  I �m sure you must realize that we receive dozens of requests like yours each month.  As not to favor one fine organization over another, we had to set a policy approximately 15 years ago, to turn down all of these requests.  We hope you understand.  We �re very sorry that your request cannot be accommodated.
Twentieth Century Fox
Janie Freedman. Executive Director,Legal Affairs. Licensing and Merchandising.
Twentieth Century Fox. 2121 Avenue of the Stars, Room 1340. Los Angeles, CA 90067
phone 310-369-1408. fax 310-369-4241
[email protected]

Andy Bandit para mim
mostrar detalhes 24/09/09

Thank you for your request dated September 20, 2009 regarding licensing material from Twentieth Century Fox, a division of Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation ("Fox").  Fox has reviewed your request and does not approve the use of any Fox copyrighted materials.  Because this decision was made based upon internal, and thus confidential Fox policy, we are not at liberty to discuss the details of the decision. Please rest assured that your request was given serious and thoughtful consideration.  Please fax any future requests to (310) 369-4647.

Thank you for your interest in licensing Fox material and good luck with your project.
Andy Bandit

I hope this helps. 

P.S. Maybe you noticed the Portuguese in the messages I copied from my e-mail.
Andy Bandit para mim  mostrar detalhes

That �s because I set the global language in my e-mail and my computer to Portuguese to help me learn Portuguese.  By the way, this licensing information regarding the Simpsons is valid in the United States. I have not checked if the same laws apply in other countries.

4 Jun 2011     


I can understand what  redcamarocruiser says, but i consider a copyright infringment just if i get some benefit, money or something valuable using an image in my sheets from copyrighted images, but we�re not earning anything here, we�re not getting rich thanks to our work  and the images inside,and in some way it�s a little bit weird(or almost it seems this way to me); we�re here to share what we got in our brains represented in our worksheets that�s the only benefit we get; although, at the same time, i repeat, you�re right it�s not totally correct.
I know some of the pages you mention, because i�ve being investigating to use  images from there sometimes, but you know its weird nowadays; we have a lot of things that we can use but at the same time, we are limited here and there...
Anyway i�ll upload the sheets i mentioned before and if there�s any problem with them, or anyone feels like i used some pictures that he used before and i hurt his/her feelings doing it, don�t be afraid to tell me and i will remove them by myself.

5 Jun 2011