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ESL forum > Grammar and Linguistics > I ´ m BEAUTIFUL!    


phil niro

Dearest Teachers,
I would like to solicit your reaction about the expression "I am beautiful." Does this expression connote gender orientation ? Is it appropriate for a boy/  teenager  to say " I am beautiful."? Is it appropriate response for the question  HOW ARE YOU TODAY?
Another point of clarification is about simple conversation  "HOW ARE YOU TODAY?"
Is it common to respond in these expressions : I M EXCELLENT, FANTASTICS, WONDERFUL, PERFECT .....?  I was puzzled when a teacher started a class with this set up as her ice breaker with an intention of building up a positive classroom atmosphere.
Please give me more enlightenment about this .......Looking forward to hearing from you all guys !
Thank you.

10 Jun 2011      


I may be wrong, but "beautiful" sounds feminine to me. Beauty is wonderful, but so is humility. How can one say that one is beautiful, I wonder? One can only try to be something, who can say one is wonderful, excellent, fantastic...? On the other hand, I think this is a great way to make students question themselves

10 Jun 2011     


Hi, Phil. I agree with Pilar, "beautiful" does sound inappropriate for boys. But I think it s perfectly acceptable to say: "I m fantastic/excellent/wonderful... etc", because this is not boasting about oneself, as it is NOT describing me as a "physically", but expressing HOW I feel. So, it s not a matter of not being humble, it is expressing your mood in that precise moment. I might not be beautiful physically, but I can feel "great"! Wink   And, feeling great can be "seen" as we transmit to others how we feel, therefore it IS a good idea to use as an ice-breaker, and it does  help create a positive atmosphere in the classroom... try it!!!
Lots of hugs, dear Pilar!!!Hug
Do I make sense, Phil? Or did I confuse you more?!?!? LOL

10 Jun 2011     

United States

Yes beautiful is usually refers to girls/women while handsome is used for men. Having said that, I ve heard women say that a guy was beautiful and I ve heard people say that she s a handsome woman (usually referring to a woman of a certain age).

10 Jun 2011     

United Kingdom

Hey, just to add my two pence worth - I d say that I am beautiful is never an appropriate response to question How are you?
I d also agree with edrodmedina about the fact that you can use beautiful for men and handsome for women under certain circumstances.  I don t know if others agree but I d say you can use handsome to describe a woman who isn t maybe beautiful or pretty but who is striking and has a je ne sais quoi which isn t quite beauty! And, personally, I d use beautiful to describe a man who was a just TOO good-looking and was pretty much the embodiment of an ancient Greek God.  :) It s not a step higher than being handsome, it s a different kind of handsome - very classic - I could be wrong but I think that St John rivers in Jane Eyre is described as beautiful.  He s certianly the man that came to mind for me (not thinking about the TV version, by the way, just the book!)
Anyway...hope that was helpful to someone!

11 Jun 2011