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ESL forum > Grammar and Linguistics > Comparisons help wanted!    

Comparisons help wanted!


Comparisons help wanted!
Hi guys!
I want to make a powerpoint presentation about comparing 2 people. I want to use John Lennon and a famous Japanese pop idol for examples.
However, if I �m using a person who has passed away is it wrong to say things like, "He is older than her", "He is taller than her" etc.? Do I have to use "was"?
I want to keep the presentation as simple as possible (it �s just an introduction to the topic) so if I have to use "was" I may consider changing John to Paul, but the students have just studied John �s song "Imagine", so I �d like to use him.
What do you think?

24 Jun 2011      

United States

Use "Working Class Hero"....I enjoyed playing that here in China...Kinda focuses on how the working class "idol" ends up a stooge to parlor-class antics and idiots.

24 Jun 2011     

United States

I would say you need to use was:
"He is taller than John Lennon was."
"J.L. was taller than he is."
**I am probably going to hear something about ending a sentence with a verb, but this is how I would say it.

24 Jun 2011     


I quite agree with douglas.

24 Jun 2011     


I can �t see why you couldn �t say:

Madonna is taller than John Lennon. / Prince is more popular than Elvis. / The Sugababes are better than the Supremes. 

This is just my take on things.As long as the "living person" comes first, you shouldn �t worry too much about it ... especially since the goal is to communicate , not worry if something is 100% corect grammatically.

24 Jun 2011     


Great advice guys!

Thanks very much! Big smile

24 Jun 2011