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english exercises blog


english exercises blog
Hello!! It �s me again :)
I was wondering if any of you can tell me about webpages or blogs that contain online English exercises (besides englishexercises.org). I have an idea in my mind but I don �t know how to create it. I have two one-to-one students and I want them to practise the contents we review in class, but I know they won �t do it if they see it as "homework". So I thought about creating a weblog where I could upload links to online exercises and they would do them; it sounds less boring than having to write or read from a book.
Do you know any weblog like the one I have in mind? maybe your own or one from a school. Just to check.
And... do you know if it is possible to create a site like this that would allow me to keep track of the exercises they did? FOr example, knowing If they actually did the exercise, the number of mistakes, or something like that. I know some coursebooks include cd roms with this kind of software, but I don �t use textbooks with them, I just help them with their homework.
thanks a lot. again

27 Jun 2011      


Me again ! Why don �t you click on " englishexercises.org " above ? It �s very useful, especially for the things you mention in your last paragraph ...

27 Jun 2011     


you may try this one  www.agendaweb.org  
luck and  see ya!

27 Jun 2011     


Hello wende

In my opinion the best student performance management system is Moodle which allows you to track student activities and see the results. You can control every move a student makes on your Moodle site (I mean you can see which tasks he did, when he did them, see the result).

If you are good with computers I suggest you try it. It requires a lot of work in the beginning but when you get the system going, it �s a great assistant to the teacher.

If you need more help, write to me.

27 Jun 2011