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ESL forum > Techniques and methods in Language Teaching > expressions and phrases for intermediate class    

expressions and phrases for intermediate class


expressions and phrases for intermediate class
hello everybody!
I am an english teacher .I am teaching interchange books by Jack C Richards.I need some expressions.Can i give these expressions to students to memorize them.is it a good way to learn english.can you give me some experiances for teaching and some lessonplans for learning it.

11 Jul 2011      


I personnaly don �t think that momorizing expressions is a good way to learn. I always use vocabulary in context. For instance a text with some of the expressions you want them to learn. Sometimes, I find a text let �s say about food. I try to adapt it and put more vocabulary and expressions about the topic as in the original. I also think that students  learn easier by topic and not random expressions. 

11 Jul 2011     


I totally agree with Lefevre. Language is a system of choices, of course we all know that. However, what we often fail to do is putting this fact into students � heads. Giving expressions to mug up won �t do any good if they do not know how to use them. So, I would suggest you to never teach vocabulary and expressions in isolation. Link them to their life and real life experiences. Show them ways of using different expressions to convey the same message. Try to make them aware that language is a system of choices and once you are successful in doing so, your students will naturally start employing new and varied expressions in their everyday conversations and work.


11 Jul 2011     


You can give your ss vocabulary lists to memorize while you �re studying a specific topic from your book and they can see the expressions used in context. There �s a lexical approach to teaching ESL. You might like to explore. Here �s a ppt for you to get a general idea.

11 Jul 2011     

United States

Sophia, I thought the ppt was very informative and it �s obviously geared towards ESL students in America although I question the authors � assumptions.

"No one is more motivated to learn a new language than an ESL student. It is a ticket of admission to mainstream America."


11 Jul 2011     


Well, Ed, 
as I said: to get a general idea. You can read more about it here http://www.teachingenglish.org.uk/search/apachesolr_search/lexical%20approach

11 Jul 2011