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ESL forum > Techniques and methods in Language Teaching > Teaching tools - weather chart :)    

Teaching tools - weather chart :)

United States

Teaching tools - weather chart :)
I �m in the middle of prep time for teaching my young ones and since we have been sharing some of our ideas here, I wanted to post the weather chart I finished today. The weekday cards are made by myself (with thistlegirldesign pics), the weather cards I found on djinkers. I �m sorry about the poor quality of the picture, but either my cell phone isn �t all that great or maybe it �s just my ability to take pics lol (which is not there :p).

21 Jul 2011      

Czech Republic


21 Jul 2011     


Great job! 
Keep sharing your ideas!

21 Jul 2011     



21 Jul 2011     


smashing idea !

21 Jul 2011     

Olindalima ( F )

Hi Sara
Long time no see. Excellent idea and the weather chart looks wonderful.
Just a suggestion, if you don �t mind me being nosy. With the days of the week in the chart, you �ll get a kind of weather forecast, with sentences in the future, right?
If you change the labels with the week days by labels with different cities, you can have a feedback with answers in the simple present - "What �s the weather like today, in... ? "

Just an idea. Congrats - lovely craft.


21 Jul 2011     

United States

Thank you everybody :) It �s great to have some feedback. I hope the kids will love it as well ;).

Hi Linda :))  yes, you are right it �s been a long time. I started to work for a preschool this year, will have 2 preschools the new school year. And I �m thinking about making my own project - a program for teaching English to very young children, but that�s not easy to do at all. The curriculum alone gives me a hard time already. Anyways, so I only logged on to read what �s new and didn �t have the time to write much myself. I �m happy it �s holiday time, but you know .. somehow I just can �t keep still. Instead of relaxing and doing nothing all day, I just keep cutting, reading and drawing lol. But I know you aren �t any different :p

Btw, Ivush, I just love your work. The kids are lucky to have you as a teacher!! It would really be great to have a place where everybody could upload pictures to share and give ideas to everybody else for their classroom.


21 Jul 2011     

Olindalima ( F )

That �s good news, Sara. Good luck. Hug

21 Jul 2011     


Great idea:)

21 Jul 2011     


wow really it � a nice job and a good idea bravo

21 Jul 2011     


Fabulous! Thanks a lot for sharing!

21 Jul 2011     

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