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need your help

alina sergeevna

need your help

hello, dear teachers!

I used to work with children but in two days I will have a student, he is 27, intermediate level of English. I do not know what to start with? what tasks should I give him at our first lesson?

I am waiting for your advice :)


21 Jul 2011      

Russian Federation


At the first lesson you should:

1. get acquainted with your student giving him/her a possibility to speal about him/herself (personal information. interests, hobbies, work, aims of studying English, etc.) Let him/her speak and ask questions in case of necessity,

2. give him/her a test on vocabulary and grammar to check if he/she is really at the intermediate level,

3. choose one or several course books according to the level, aims and needs of your student to work with in the future.

You can use the site englishtips.org to look for proper and perfect coursebooks.

Good luck.


21 Jul 2011     

United States

Hi Alina,

why is your student taking English lessons? Does he / she need it for a job, holidays, going abroad ... it always helps to know why a student wants to learn and also other interests they have and adapt the lessons to that.
For the very first lesson I normally do what Julia says. I �m talking a lot - well, have the student talk a lot, I mean to figure out where he needs some help and sometimes, depending on the reason why the student wants to learn English, have him write a little essay to see his written expression. 
I then see what course books would be appropriate, give some choices and let the student have a look at them as well as not everybody like the ways of all course books. Most of the time I don �t use any coursebooks though and just make the lessons up in my head (depening on how much time one has :))

Good luck

21 Jul 2011     


I �d go for some name games or ice-breakers. Then I think a simple placement test wouldn �t hurt:) And pretty much all of the above mentioned.
You could also ask him to bring some pictures that would represent him as a person and help him talk about his hobbies and interests (btw you could do that too, but nothing too personal though e. g. a picture of you in the classroom with your ss, a picture of your pet, a picture of a place you visited during your previous vacation would probably do) for you to get to know each other.
Here is a webpage full of useful tips for your classes be it adults or children, browse through and see for yourself http://busyteacher.org/how-to/
And here you �ll find some 338 ideas for warmers http://busyteacher.org/teaching_ideas_and_techniques/warmers/

21 Jul 2011