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ESL forum > Teaching material > Traditional childrens songs / nursery rhymes without copyright    

Traditional childrens songs / nursery rhymes without copyright

United States

Traditional childrens songs / nursery rhymes without copyright
Hi everyone. I was hoping to get some advice on where to find traditional children �s songs and nursery rhymes that don �t have any copyright. Do you know of any good websites? I would really appriciate any hint :)


22 Jul 2011      

United States

Try Google.
Most of the old, ancient nursery rhymes are so old that there is probably no copyright problems at all. In fact, I have never seen an author mentioned - many are anonymous.  Try mother goose.

22 Jul 2011     

United States

Hello Sara.. as Libertbelle said the traditional Mother Goose rhymes are not copyrighted and the songs that go w/them neither but the recordings byt different artists are. There is an artist who is very generous with his recordings. You �ll find hime here http://www.dreamenglish.com/freedownload.

22 Jul 2011     


Hello Sara!

I have a project to work with  children around 2 and 4 years... so I �m gathering info, too.
I found these sites but I haven �t had the time to check  them well.... so  I �m not sure about copyright, but hope they can help you!!


BTW have you tried the Doman method?


22 Jul 2011     

United States

Thanks a lot to all of you :) I looked on google before, but my problem was that I don �t know which of songs or rhymes are old enough. The mother goose website is great :).
Thank you so much for the other tips as well. Xoch, I never used the Doman method. I �m not really familiar with it. are you working with it?

22 Jul 2011     



Not really... but I �m gonna start to use it.... next week maybe... so I �m not sure about the results.

I �ve read about and it seems really interesting. I found some material and I want to use it with two little girls of two and three years old...

I �m really excited about it!! I hope it �ll work for the little girls.


23 Jul 2011