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grammar explanation


grammar explanation
Dear Friends,
I need some help with the following sentences and I would appreciate your help:
It īs on the page.
It īs on page 2.
Why does the first sentence takes the article and the second doesn īt?

4 Aug 2011      

United States

Think of Page 2 as being the "name" of the page. Then this sentence is like the following, which don īt use the article:
They climbed Mount Everest.
I live on Escalon Street.
I am going to University Hospital tomorrow.
Have you visited Notre Dame University.
Things with numbers (if the number comes after the noun) are treated this way.
Your office is in Building 7.
She is in Room 423.
Notice that we even capitalize the noun, as if it were a name.

4 Aug 2011     


Thank you very much indeed for your help.
Warm regds from Brazil.
Marinęs Marcelino

4 Aug 2011     


Hey Marines
we donīt use "the" before noun + number.
For example:
We are in Room 263. (not the room 263)
Our flight is now boarding at Gate 14. (not at the Gate14)
Hope it heps....

5 Aug 2011     

United States

 I had such a grammar question too. The question was when I was writing an essay. I īm worried that I found out this advice late. But I still got a good grade on the essay because I checked the essay with the help of a company that you can find here the professionals checked my grammar for money. And I received an excellent mark for my essay which did not have a single grammatical error. Thanx.

19 Oct 2018     

United States

I agree with Bitinha that it is impossible to write that we are in the room 1 - but it is necessary to write that we are in room 1. In the same way, it is impossible to write that we are in the hall 1, we are in the bedroom 1 - and it is necessary to write that we are in hall 1, we are in bedroom 1.

23 Oct 2018