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ESL forum > Techniques and methods in Language Teaching > Methodology for learning to read in a second language    

Methodology for learning to read in a second language


Methodology for learning to read in a second language
Hello everybody,

I �m looking for a method that helps me to learn how I can teach young students to read in a very early age.

I heard about a British method that consists of teaching sounds, and from this way, the student will be able to read and understand what he/she is reading.
Do you know where can I obtain this information (or method) that guides me to improve my teaching?

Thanks in advance.

23 Aug 2011      


Hi Piedad,
There is one method I have worked with that surprised me a lot. It �s called The Doman Method, but now it �s usually known for the name "Intelligence Bits" I �m not sure if it is exactly the same method or just an updated method.
It depends on wether you want to teach them to read in their mother tongue or to read in a foreign language, but the main idea is that you show them flashcards with words on them several times a day, and you never let them touch them. They listen to you and repeat the words. I suggest that you look it up, there are some schools in Spain that use it, and I �ve seen it work wonders!
Just as an anecdote, I learnt to read when I was three thanks to my mum, who used this method with me (she is not a teacher, she just had a book on the subject)
I hope you find it useful.

23 Aug 2011     

United Kingdom

Dear Piedadrosell,
The Method may be "Jolly Phonics".
I don �t teach children, but I have heard of the Method.
I hope that this helps.

23 Aug 2011     

Mehlika Sultan

I used "Saxon Learning" that uses the incremental approach in teaching reading in English as a 2nd language. It includes the full course of phonics, diagraphs, combinations, reading rules, dividing a word into syllables using the teacher �s book, 2 workbooks, rules book, readers, letter/sounds/picture cards... It �s very easy to use it for 5-6y.o. Mostly my kids didn �t have any troubles to get the concept. I remember i had 2 students whose intellectual level was higher than others � and only reading was an obstacle for them to jump one year and go to gr1. I used this course and in 2months they knew how to read and they went to gr1.
 I wish i would keep on teaching small kids reading because it �s so excited for them and for me as well.
I hope you can find the most suitable source for you.

23 Aug 2011     


Thanks everybody for your help.
I �m going to investigate about all this information.

23 Aug 2011