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ESL forum > Techniques and methods in Language Teaching > How to upload Power Point file uper 200MB?    

How to upload Power Point file uper 200MB?


How to upload Power Point file uper 200MB?
Hi all, I have just designed a wonderful game for English Club(using power point slide shows) about Art-Places-Sciences-Animals with a lot of amazing sounds and interesting effects. My problem is : The file is 110MB, I don �t know how to upload it for sharing with everyone here...I �m sure of the success of these slide shows will help your teaching. Please help me upload them clearly, steps by steps....Thank alot all u guys :) Have a nice day

24 Aug 2011      

Puerto Rico

jen i think you will have a problem uploading that file here... our size limit is 2mb  so that file is like 100% bigger you can try dividing the slides but with that sizes it will problably be just 1 slide per uplodinf file, i dont know if people here will download 10 or 20 slides separately that they will have to join back together again.  another things is to try to resize your pictures though i think that what makes your file so big is the sounds and unless you are an expert with a sound program it will take you forever. so if you really want to share with us.. waht you can do is upload your file in a site for documents like scribd, or something similar and share the link... but with this there is also the problem of the size since most of this sites have also a limit of about 5mb.

24 Aug 2011     


Thank for your helpful comment,lizsantiago ... I will try to improve some :) Have a nice day

25 Aug 2011