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ESL forum > Teaching material > Boating License - Any Ideas?    

Boating License - Any Ideas?


Boating License - Any Ideas?
Dear friends,

I hope you are having a great weekend!
Need your help once more: I have a student (intermediate level) who wants to do her boating license soon. She asked me about typical boating vocabulary (radio, weather, at the harbor etc.) and unfortunatelly I don �t know the first thing about any of this, even in my mother tongue.

Does anyone know websites, books and the like about boating in general and material to practice typical situations, vocab, conversations??

Thanks so much! Heart


3 Sep 2011      

Russian Federation

Look at this book. 
There are a lot of boating magazines on this site.
Just use SEARCH/
Enjoy and good luck.

3 Sep 2011     


I did a quick google and came across these on the first page of results.  They look good but if not just check out pages 2 and onwards of the results.
Boating Vocabulary PPT (Just click cancel when it asks you for the password - probably twice) http://mortimerjordanhigh.jefcoed.com/Teachers/scarnes/Documents/Driver%20Education%20-%20Lesson%2002/PP%201%20Boating%20Vocabulary.pptx
Dictionary of Boating Sailing, Schooners, Naval, Ships, Boat and Seafaring Terms http://www.schoonerman.com/sailingterms/ Cheers

4 Sep 2011