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Something to keep in mind, please...


Something to keep in mind, please...
Hello, everybody!!! Hope you are all having an excellent weekend. Me? Well, sitting here having soooooooo much fun doing my lesson plans for the week.
Well, whenever I need to explain a certain topic, I like to offer my ss extra practice with the wonderful worksheets I find here.... BUTTTTTTTTTT..... well, let īs keep in mind, that we are teachers from ALL over the world, where our students have different needs, different levels, etc. So, as wonderful as the worksheets shared here are, sometimes we need to make some adjustments, to suit our specific needs.
Please don īt convert your text exercises to images because this makes them uneditable. Yes, I know this is done so as to "protect" a worksheet from being copied and presented as someone else īs. But, let īs be real, do you think this actually stops whoever wants to do this? They īll just copy the whole image! Wink 
I sent the owner a message to please send me the editable version, but maybe this member might be out for the weekend and won īt see my message, and I had planned this activity for Monday..... so........ agggggggghhhhhhhh.......... I got a bit frustrated... I won īt be able to use this worksheet after all, because I needed it for Monday...
I know the issue of copying someone else īs work has been broadly discussed, and I totally agree we should respect each other īs work, but also, it IS a reality that many times we need to change little bits and pieces to adapt it to our ss.
That is just my humble opinion, hope some of you agree... or you might not (as Ed says!)
Have a great whatever īs left of the weekend for you!!!

11 Sep 2011      


Hi Mar!

I completely agree with you!! That situation has already happened to me too! Confused

 However, I think sometimes people here copy the text as an image not only because of copyright infringment, but also because the file doesn īt stay so heavy and that īs very important here in ESLprintables...

Well, I hope you can find an alternative to that worksheet... I don īt really know what you need to change, but couldn īt you possibly use a correct pen and change it? Just an idea...



11 Sep 2011     


Hi, Patricia! I do believe, if I īm not mistaken, what makes a document heavy is not actually the text, but the images (pictures)... and I already tried everything I know or could think of. I needed to change and add some vocabulary words.. Cry
As a "correct pen" do you mean liquid paper? Not good idea, since the text is small, the space would not be enough for me to write in the space....
Anyway, thank you for responding to my comment!

11 Sep 2011     

Anna P

I strongly agree with you, Mar.  It is frustrating to download a ws that you can īt use because you can īt adapt it to your needs.  However, I found a way to modify a ws - I just don īt know if I can explain because my computer skills are limited and I don īt know the correct words, but I īll try:  Using word, I open the drawing bar (with shapes, lines...) and I use the Text  Box to cover the parts that I want to change.  Sometimes, as most wss have very little space for writing, I write the sentences again, covering the original ones.
Maybe Victor, who is always in favour of changes that improve the site, could think about the "uneditable ws" problem.

11 Sep 2011     


Hi, Anna! I also thought of that option, and dear Julia also suggested that to me, but that would be so time consuming because the words I want to change are quite a few... it īs just better off to make a whole new worksheet. What makes this site so wonderful is that it HELPS you make your job EASIER.... many, many times when I need something, it īs just a click away! saves so much time for many of us. But when we have to spend so much time trying to find a way and inventing ways to adapt a non-editable worksheet, it just consumes too much of our already little time!!! I īll just cross my fingers that the owner of the worksheet will pop in tomorrow and save my day sending the editable version!!! If not, well, I īll change my activity in my lesson plan, or just find another way to practice what I had in mind.
Thank you, Julia, and Anna for responding!!!

11 Sep 2011     

United States

Anna P with that luck you can easily and much faster create your own masterpiece rather than  overwriting somebody īs creations which is unique in its own way. There īre millions of wss on this site, so I think you can find something that suits you well.
Good luck in your endeavours!
Personally, I wouldn īt like my worksheet to be edited, changed or corrected. It īs something you created for your students and you just share it rather than being criticised whether it īs editable or not. What a big deal!
And don īt get frustrated please. Wink

11 Sep 2011     

Puerto Rico

mar if you really have the time you can always edit the ws if it is an image just paste the image in paint or any other image program and erase the words you ned to change, then save the imagen and insert it in your document and write whatever you need. if you need help let me know or send me a pm with the link to the ws to give you more directions

11 Sep 2011     


Silly little Mar, can īt you stop working just a minute?

11 Sep 2011     


I uploaded such a ws before and dear Moravc warned me about this. Then  I began to convert only the images and updated my ws. If Moravc didn īt warn me I couldn īt guess that causes problems for the other teachers. Maybe s/he doesn īt know that yet.
Hope we find a solution.

Have a great Sunday! Hugs

11 Sep 2011     

United States

I just did a small experiement with a document I have and turning it into a gif image took up 60 percent less space but of course it is totally uneditable. I agree with Mar, the ws should be editable if a person wants their work not to be changed or adapted this is the wrong site. What I mostly contribute are pps ahm excuse me, PPts and they are left so that anyone who wishes can adapt them to their needs. I can īt pretend to think that my pp in Connecticut would meet the exact needs of a teacher in say Singapore. I would think the same applies to ws. ED

11 Sep 2011     


Thank you all who have taken the time to respond and try to help. I would like to make very clear, my comment WAS NOT meant to "criticize" the owner of the wonderful worksheet I downloaded. If If I hadn īt found it useful, I wouldn īt have downloaded it in the first place. But as I said earlier, and many of you have agreed on, I cannot, or should not, assume that my worksheets, exactly as they are, are also exactly what another teacher (I īll use Ed īs example) in Singapore might need. This teacher might very probably need to add a little something, change something, or even take away some pictures, making a worksheet shorter, being as it is such an issue for photocopying at some schools.
Also even though we are teachers, we DO make mistakes. So for me, it is so much easier to correct the mistake myself than send a message to the owner to correct it, or make it public complaining about the mistakes. If I made THIS issue public is because as some said, sometimes the person who made the worksheet does not know it īs a problem for us who would like to adapt something. It īs totally different if you do NOT want anybody to change ANYTHING in your worksheet, then that it also respectable, but it would be nice if in the description we mention if the ws is editable or not. A lot of people already do that, and it is much appreciated, but many don īt. That will save our time knowing beforehand and we can decide if we download it or not.
Thanks again for all those who offered to help!  Special thanks also to the owner of the ws who answered my pm, unfortunately she doesn īt have the editable version, but that īs Ok, I īll think of something else. Have a wonderful Sunday!!!
P.S., no, my sweet dear Pilar, I CANNOT stop working, it īs in my blood! LOL!!!

11 Sep 2011     

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