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ESL forum > Techniques and methods in Language Teaching > Is it a theory or a new method or an approach in teaching english    

Is it a theory or a new method or an approach in teaching english


Is it a theory or a new method or an approach in teaching english
  What   does  ( differentiated   instruction)  mean? I  ask  if   I  can  easily  apply  it
  in  the  primary  stage .  Please  dear  teachers  can  you  tell  me  about  any  useful    sites  to  read   about  it      Thanks  in  advance

13 Sep 2011      

United States

Differentiated instruction is simply breaking large groups into smaller homogeneous groups and teaching to the needs of those groups. Sometimes differentiated instruction can be singling out a particular student with a specific need and addressing that need individually. In other words no cookiecutter instruction, one size fits all type of teaching. Individualizing instruction. This not really new just a new name. I�m sure someone coined the phrase and wrote a book and made a gazillion dollars. LOL Ed

13 Sep 2011     


Hi there Ed! Great approach to the subject...a gazillion dollars for something people already knew and used...how funny(and a bit irritatingLOL)!

14 Sep 2011     


My favourite book on the subject, theory + practice (it includes a section of photocopiable activities and templates):
The Mixed Ability Class, by Julie Tice, Richmond Publishing (1997)
You �ll find lots of practical techniques and teaching ideas for differentiated instruction.
Have a nice day,

14 Sep 2011     


although Ed has explained it really well.

14 Sep 2011