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Dear colleagues!
Could you help me, please?
Tomorrow I �m going to teach a 1st class (pupils are 11 years old) for the first time. I �ve never seen them before, so I �d like to offer them a funny/interesting/motivating start into the English lesson.
Any ideas what I could do with them?
Thx a lot in advance!!!

14 Sep 2011      

efty charle

My name is Birgit and my nickname is Brilliant. Now, you present yourselves. Tell me your name and your nickname that starts with the initial letter of your name.
Then, ask them questions about things they like/ dislike/ do in their free time etc. The Ss love talking about themselves. You can also put some pictures with things you love/have/ do in your free time and let them ask you questions and learn some things about you.
Next,I choose a simple, interesting reading passage (appropriate for their level), do a warm-up with them, do some reading and ask oral questions. I also give them some written exercises on that reading passage and ask them to work in pairs or groups, so they can get to know each other better. I have the role of the observer that time.
I finish with a song (related to the reading passage) where they can fill in the gaps and then listen, check and sing!!!!!!!! 

14 Sep 2011     

Mariethe House

Here are a few suggestions:




good luck on your first day backBig smile

14 Sep 2011     


Thank you very much!
I was very pleased to read your answers/suggestions.
Thx a lot and I can tell you - it was a lovely lesson :-)

15 Sep 2011