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Animal Farm


Animal Farm
Hello Friends,

I gave my students Animal Farm to read, but there �s an old lady who �s having lots of difficulty in reading it. So I was thinking about giving her an easier version of the book, but the problem is that I can �t find it. Does anybody here know where I could find, or anyone could e-mail me a more simplified version of the book?

Thanks in advance.


14 Sep 2011      


Hi there, portiglioti!
click on these links.
The second links is from a website in Spanish, but the book is from Longman and perhaps you can find it near you live using the ISBN. I �m sure that yu can find more on the internet!!!

15 Sep 2011     


Not exactly what you �re looking for but it might be helpful.

15 Sep 2011     

Pinky Makus






A Summary in Song


Try searching:

Animal Farm Notes
Animal Farm Summary
Animal Farm Report
Animal Farm Essay
Animal Farm Short Version

15 Sep 2011     

Czech Republic

simplified, yet I would recommend it for upper-intermediate - advanced students, 136 pages
ISBN-13: 978-0582060104

Mario �s book is (slightly) abridged Longman book, yet there are 3000 headwords (for advanced ss)
Animal Farm -
Longman Fiction  - Level 6 (3000 Headwords) - Advanced. 128 pages.
ISBN-10: 0582275245

IMHO, she should watch the animated film or read the book in her mother tongue first. Then she will probably understand better. The book is full of advanced vocabulary (uncommon nouns, adjectives). Not talking about the allegory. Has she ever heard of Stalinism?

Animal Farm
Film on youtube

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Mcep34DH_s Animal Farm - audiobook

This book one of the best English-language novels, so it contains vocabulary suitable for native-speakers. Not suitable for pre-intermediate or intermediate EFL students...

If she is pre-intermediate and likes animals, I would recommend Penguin Readers - classics such as "Call of the Wild", "White Fang" or "Black Beauty", "Jungle Books" or "Mowgli", or "Charlotte�s Web - mainly for kids. Or pick one unabridged story by Beatrix Potter. There are even original illustrations on the net.

15 Sep 2011     

United States

I remember my students of the age you mentioned were steeped in reading of Agatha Christie.

15 Sep 2011