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Spaces for answers

Anna P

Spaces for answers
Several wonderful contributions have very small spaces for the answers.  Whenever possible, I try to enlarge those spaces but it is not easy to do and I end up not using fantastic wss like our anonymous writer of these comments. 

15 Sep 2011      

United States

A possible solution to use the fantastic contributions that have small answer spaces is to let the students use their copy books (notebooks, journals, logs) to do the exercises and write the answers in the copybooks.

My daughter īs teacher had the students turn in their copybooks with their work for grading and then she sent them home periodically for the parents to sign. I found it a nice way to keep all the exercises and essays together in one place in chronological order. My mentor had her students tape their handouts into their copybooks for easy reference. The students wwere always organized and didn īt lose their worksheets in this way.  If a worksheet is taped  to the let page of a copybook, the answers could be written on the right page perhaps.

15 Sep 2011     


My sts also complain about that but I want them write the answers on a piece of paper or on their notebooks. But after their complaints I began to leave larger spaces for them. We cannot see whether the spaces are enough or not as we prepare the wss on PC.
Additionally, if we mean  "constructive critism" it īs OK for me. But If we think our comment may hurt the author, we can PM to the outhor. PMs are much appreciated for me :)


**** S/he is not me :)

15 Sep 2011     

Czech Republic

We can change the size of the font and add few more .......... dots.
In Microsoft Word you can find+replace it automatically in the whole worksheet. (ctrl+H)
Find: ..............
Replace with: .......................................

Done in 10 seconds.

Sometimes the worksheet contains "big" rows, so we can change the layout of rows as well and make the rows a bit smaller.

We can also ask the students to use their copybooks (as mentioned above) and use laminated wss.

There are always several ways how to solve a problem. Just ask at the forum. Thumbs Up

15 Sep 2011     


I appreciate all sort of comments, even "constructive criticism" so I wasn īt hurt or offended.
I usually make my sts write the answers in their notebooks and it īs not a problem. A good idea is to laminate a few wss so that they can last longer and let the sts work in pairs
Have a great evening/afternoon/morning

15 Sep 2011     

Anna P

I shouldn īt have used the comment to illustrate my question and I have just removed it.  Please forgive me, dear friend.  You ws is simply great and worth the time to edit it to suit my needs.  My private students use plastic binders to keep their work so the idea of laminating the ws, working in pairs or using notebooks would not work for me.
Thanks Nika for the suggestions.  The first one (change the size of the font and add more space) is what I always do.  I īll try to use CTRL+H.
Heart Thanks

16 Sep 2011     


Hello, dear Anna! I also, have that same problem, when my ss try to write in small spaces, and as mentioned above, there are several options that can be done to suit our needs. That īs why I mentioned a few days ago, how helpful it is for us if the worksheets are kept editable. This way, we can make spaces longer, change and/or add vocabulary words, etc.
I also ask my ss to paste all worksheets in their notebooks, but I prefer to have them write their answers directly on the worksheet, as this makes it easier for me to check their answers. Although we almost always check answers in class, periodically I take notebooks home with me, but unlike some of my dear colleagues at my school, I check EACH answer, one by one. This makes my ss aware that I DO revise their work consciously, and I DO expect them to answer correctly and check and correct their own mistakes. So, when I call for notebooks, I expect no mistakes. Because these worksheets help them study, correct answers prove to me they have understood the topic.
So, going back to my point, larger spaces to write are also a must for me, and consequently editable worksheets are the best option for me.

16 Sep 2011