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ESL forum > Techniques and methods in Language Teaching > How to help my student learn by heart the words    

How to help my student learn by heart the words


How to help my student learn by heart the words
Hello everyone, I am teaching a little boy (6-7 years old) learn some words about Clothes (pants/shorts/socks/T-shirt/shoes...)My problem is: he always forgets these words...I wanna him learn by heart the words in order to pass the Started Exams of Cambridge...But I am really upset when he CAN �T remember how to write them exactly...Give me some ideas please... : �(

19 Sep 2011      


First of all, learning a language by heart is not a good idea, IMHO. You should try and put the words in context for him to remember them... Try writing the word on a slip of paper and cut every letter and mix so that he has to order the letters to form the word; put the items of clothing on a fav cartoon character of his and make him tell you what he �s wearing, play hangman with the words, etc. The idea is to motivate him, and if you try to make him repeat words by heart , you won �t .
Just my opinion ....

19 Sep 2011     

United States

He is only, what we would consider, a 1st grader here.
You need to give him time, cut him some slack and don �t push your ambitions on him. At that age, they can hardly write in their own language. If you push him too hard to learn words by heart now, he �ll lose interest.

Is he already going to be taking exams???  I feel so sorry for that poor little boy.

to re-enforce new words - you should play games with lots of repetition and dont � be upset with him - give him encouragement and praise him. 
Play memory games, picture games, picture games - coloring books - sing songs with these words and make teaching and learning a fun experience -he is only a little child for heaven �s sake!!!

19 Sep 2011     


I �m with Alicia and Libertybelle on repetition and memory games. If you have a small board of some kind, write the words you want your ss to remember (not many at once though) and start wiping off some of the letters (one per each word at first), asking him to fill in what you have wiped off. Don �t overwhelm him with new words -- add one or two each lesson and continue to practice the "old" ones. Another way of practising them is asking your student to copy the words into his notebook, writing two lines of each new word and speaking them up at the same time. You could print the words out on strips of paper and put them on your desk and let him have a good look (may be read them aloud), then ask your student to close his eyes, while you take one or two words away, then he will have to tell you which ones are missing. Encourage his slightest progress verbally:)

19 Sep 2011     


at that age I think it�s much more important that he knows how to say the words than to write them, after all children learn how to speak their own language before writing it.

19 Sep 2011