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ESL forum > Techniques and methods in Language Teaching > elementary vocabulary. longman    

elementary vocabulary. longman


elementary vocabulary. longman
Hi! Has any of you ever used the book "Elementary vocabulary" Longman?
Do you use it as a suplementary material? With which other books? How could I use it to put the new vocab in context besides the fill in the gaps from the book itself?

20 Sep 2011      


Dear Wende,

I have just found quite a comprehensive website concerning young learners here:

From the list I liked using

Toth: Children�s Games. MacMillan- Heinemann
Holderness/ Hugues: 100 + Ideas for Children. MacMillan- Heinemann

as they included quite good photocopiable communicative games and activity sheets which can be easily adapted to other vocab.

I also found

Howard-Williams, D: Word Games with English. Heinemann

good to consult, offering quite a variety of ready-made worksheets, however not all of them are originally designed to make students talk and use vocab in context.

I usually use pictures to make student talk and prepare a set of cards that I want them to use. If they used one term, they have the card (competitive version) or we simply turn over the card (non-competitive, the simple joy of less words left to use). Or simply write the words on the board and erase them when they use them right, later check whether they still remember which word was at a particular place / or the words themselves.

Hope my comment will give you new ideas. Enjoy your classes,


20 Sep 2011     


Hi ! I sometimes use material from it, but not always, only when it can apply to the topic of the lesson previously learnt or as a starting point for one. I use the World Wonders series and Solutions too.  I think it �s the kind of book you can use with many coursebooks, depending on the vocabulary you want to reinforce.
I have a very good resource book for games , if you want send me your email and I �ll send it to you.

20 Sep 2011