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ESL forum > Teaching material > Workpages for remedial teaching or for young pupils.    

Workpages for remedial teaching or for young pupils.


Workpages for remedial teaching or for young pupils.
Hello to you all!
I have been wondering if it would be interesting to add a new search category for "type" - for remedial teachers and often for young kids.
This because as  mainly a remedial teacher I find that I can not use many of the wonderful pages on this site or that I have to spend a lot of time rearranging them so that they are "friendly" for my kids.
The pages I look for have to follow the following rules.
a) not too colorful or too many "decorations"as this distracts my kids from the main  issue.
b) the font has to be big and clear as most of these kids have a hard time reading as it is.
C) There has to be enough space to write the answers and not too many exercises ( or I do not number the sentences so they don ´"t realize immediatly the amount of ´work" in front of them!)
d) Every topic has to be presented and practiced individually. For example if I want to teach the verb -to be- I have to teach it  first using the pronouns.( and practise,practise) Then with nouns - only then can I continue with the negative and so on.
I think this is also true for many young learners.
Therefore it would make it much easier to find workpages that suit the kind of pupils I teach it there was such a searching category.
The question now  - Are there other teachers on this site with similar needs so that it would be worthwhile creating such a category?
I will be more than happy to hear your opinions
I wish you all a happy new schoolyear (for those who started one now) and for all of you have a nice day

21 Sep 2011