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Caption Contest


Caption Contest
Hi everyone
After pobblebonking all day Apodo has granted me the privilege of getting the caption contest back on track. So here we go - please put your thinking caps on for this amazing photo

22 Sep 2011      

United States

I �m sorry, I �m looking for my fish.

22 Sep 2011     

Korea, South

Is this how the French do it?  Censored

22 Sep 2011     


I dont CARE if it hurts!!! You swallowed one of my BABIES, you big bully! and I �m going to get it out if it �s the last thing I do!!! Now, OPEN WIDE!!!!

22 Sep 2011     


Let �s get it together!

22 Sep 2011     

United States

Large pelican: "Man, I HATE going to the doctor"
Seagull 1: "I�m not next, I think you are."
Seagull 2: "Not me! Must be him."
Seagull 3: "No way I �m opening up for him to look down my throat"
Seagull 4: Hmmm?  See the doc or die? Hmmm?
Seagull 5: "I wonder if that tickles."
Seagull 6 (can only see his tail): "I �m getting the heck out of here!!"

22 Sep 2011     


Great captions everyone
Eng789 wins the day with Take 2 Asprins and call me in the morning.
Over to you now

22 Sep 2011