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I need your suggestions...


I need your suggestions...
Hi everybody!
I īve just started delivering classes to a pair of adult private students who want to learn English in order to be able to travel abroad and deal with the language. They don īt want to write much (things like letters, descriptions, etc). They just want to learn to speak it and understand it.
Do you know of any book with which I could work with? Could you please help me?
Thanks in advance! :-)

22 Sep 2011      


hi jesiwin
therer is a book called ielts vocabulary by raymond wyatt which will help ur students to learn good vocab and letter patterns as well keeping in mind their requirement

22 Sep 2011     

United States

Personally, this is more the type of groups I work with everyday and I don īt use a book at all.  They just want to speak, so I suggest approaching it from another point of view (hard to do if you have taught in the traditional way for a while):
          Grammar is NOT that important!
          Speaking and being understood IS important.
          Mistakes are okay--as long as they don īt change the meaning or prevent understanding
          They donīt have to speak perfect English, they only have to understand and be understood
For these types of groups I:
       Use LOTS of conversation exercises and games
       Explain grammar in detail only when the mistake keeps repeating and affects understanding
       Build my lessons in such a way that almost the entire lesson is primarily conversation
       Correct mistakes as they speak, but am not pedantic
(Just my opinion, but seems to work well for me.)
There are LOTS of great worksheets and games on ESLP that support this teaching method.

22 Sep 2011     


Longman/Pearson has special books for conversation lessons and they are great but you can find here lots of worksheets to give your conversation lessons such as picture based worksheets, which are also a good resource.
Hope it helps

22 Sep 2011     

United States

Here are some worksheets, I have been successful with:

22 Sep 2011