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ESL forum > Games, activities and teaching ideas > word of the day 22.9.11    

word of the day 22.9.11


word of the day 22.9.11
Thank you anna for choosing me as the winner of the WOD competition. (and thanks for letting me knowWink)
I think the WOD game is a great opportunity to enrich our language so I picked a word which might actually come in handy one day...
Give it up for... copacetic (also copasetic, copesetic)
Give it your best, silliest, most intelligent or stupid, whackiest, deepest or smartest definition, any definition will do, except for the dictionary one of course!

22 Sep 2011      

Anna P

LOLYou �re more than welcome, dear Marion!

For us, Brazilians, Copa is how we call the FIFA World cup and sceptic is doubt, uncertainty, disbelief... So, copacetic is the feeling we are all sharing, knowing that our team is not as good as it used to be and seeing that the preparations for the World Cup are moving at a tortoise pace.  But, like the tortoise, we still hope to win.

22 Sep 2011     

maryse pey�

In Copacabana all the cheaters and their aces were onboard the Titanic. That �s why these cheaters had a speaking code to tell their friends they had aces, they copaceticed to indicate that their cards were good enough. Unfortunately some people understood this language and the terrible fight that followed made an enormous hole in the ship and instead of saying the Titanic sank at Copacabana due to the aces of the cheaters it is shorter to say the Titanic copaceticed.
A double tragical meaning for such a word...

23 Sep 2011     

United States

This word actually refers to a police officer who has gone especially bad. A cop who is septic.

23 Sep 2011     

Czech Republic

A copesetic is a pessimist trying to cope with his/her bad mood every single morning of his/her life. A struggling person, his scepticism growing every morning after glimpsing in the mirror.

23 Sep 2011     

Anna P

Copacetics are people who do not believe that Copacabana is one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. After seeing this picture there will be few Copacetics around!

23 Sep 2011     


That �s an easy one!
COPAS = Spanish for "drinks"...
COPASETIC is the state of mind you end up in, when you lose your ETHICS and start drinking and lifting your COPA (cup / drink) one time too many! Besides your ethics, you can also lose anything losable, so..... be careful with those COPAS!!!! Wink

23 Sep 2011     

United States

Something that Al Capone said after being questioned by a cop that had a nerve problem that caused him to twitch uncontrollably:
"Da cop �as e tic."

23 Sep 2011     

United Kingdom

Al Capone, the most famous US gangster, also said something about "co-operation".
"You get more co-operation with a Kind Word� ... ... ... ... and a gun, than you do with just a kind word!"  

23 Sep 2011     


copacetic = cop+ace+tic = an A1 police officer with a big tick of approval for being a model officer

23 Sep 2011