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ESL forum > Teaching material > Adjectives order... song?????    

Adjectives order... song?????


Adjectives order... song?????
Hello everyone! Well...I �m not sure if you can help but you never know...When I was learning English my teacher told me there was a little song full of adjectives helping ss remember the order of adjectives. I also remember her writing it on the board, but I can �t remember even a word right now...Does anyone know what I � talking about. Could anyone help me find such a poem/song????
Thank you all for your time!

30 Sep 2011      


Hi Elenie,

Maybe I can help you but I �m not sure what age are your students. Here are some links (maybe useful for you) and you can find there some songs, info and exercises, you can choose what you want and need .








I can recommend you one of my worksheets (maybe it �s not a good idea) but I prepared it for my students and it helped them a lot


Have a nice day or rather night Smile

Renia Wink

30 Sep 2011     


The logical song by Supertramp. Great song by the way!

30 Sep 2011     


Thank you both for your suggestions...But I was looking for a kid �s song, with lots of adjectives in it, not for a song turning grammar rules into lyrics. I came across some of these songs last night as I was looking for it on the Net but I still haven �t found what I �m looking for....Clown...Thanks a lot anyway for your time and ideas!

30 Sep 2011