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ESL forum > Games, activities and teaching ideas > I beg your pardon?    

I beg your pardon?

United Kingdom

I beg your pardon?
Hi folks! 
I was wondering if some of you native speakers could help me out here. I �m going to be teaching a class next week where the vocabulary will be fixed expressions for asking people to repeat (could you say that again? ... I beg your pardon? etc.) I �ve started drawing up a list of things I �m going to say using some cockney expressions and a couple of Scottish lines, too. ("Ye dinnae ken the way to the kirk do you, pal?" meaning "Could you tell me where the church is?"  and "That �s a pucker whistle you �ve got on there me old china!" meaning "I like your suit sir!") I was wondering if anybody from Oz, New Zealand, the US the UK and Ireland could supply me with any similar confusing lines to baffle them with? I will of course write up a printable for it and post it here. Thanks in advance.Thumbs Up

3 Oct 2011      


Ouch, that �s just brutal... what about us anglophones? Can �t we Canucks participate too? Or do we have to sit on the chesterfield, drinking a double double watching the rest of you deke us out? Wink 

3 Oct 2011     

United Kingdom

Nice one! Non natives, too of course and Canucks are more than welcome! Deke out, eh? Double double? Hmm? I �ll have to look into this one.Wink

3 Oct 2011     


Deke out = outwit, and double, double = coffee with 2 cream and sugar.

Thanks, I was in a bit of a kerfuffle that us Canucks had to sit on the side lines. Wink

3 Oct 2011     


Wacko I like your posts very much! What does Canucks mean? Non natives?
Thank you.

3 Oct 2011     

United States

Canucks is a nickname for Canadians.
Johnny Canuck was used to personify Canada in the same way as John Bull --England and Uncle Sam the United States.

4 Oct 2011     

Olindalima ( F )


don �t bother, they are newcomers and they don �t know the rules, they don �t know it �s not polite to use other language than the English one.

( They are not speaking EnglishShocked, are they, Mariannina? Tongue- I bet they aren �t  Thumbs Up)


Next time I �d love if you could post a kind of mini dictionary ( if this is not asking too much ) and, sorry, also an audio, pleeeeeaaaaaseeeeeeee, that �s realy like I can get stuck trying to spell those new words.

Loved it, thanks


4 Oct 2011     


From Oz
What did you say?
Waddya say?
What �s that?
Come again?
How are you?
How are you going? (How �re ya goin?)
How are they hanging? (Used by male mates at the pub - not particularly polite ;-)

4 Oct 2011     

United States

Hey ya �all ...
from the deep south, the Carolinas an � all,
I was fixin � to say ...
dern tootin �!

4 Oct 2011     


Not that I can remember much of my native English, I know ones that my American friends always have trouble understanding and so are probably very British include:

I �m gutted. = very disappointed
I �m knackered. = very tired

4 Oct 2011     

United States

"Nice threads!"  -- nice clothes/outfit
"How �s tricks?"  -- what �s up?
"In English please!" -- can you say that in a way I can understand it?
"Quit talking jibberish" --speak so people can understand you
"Spit it out!" --stop stalling and say what you want to say.

4 Oct 2011     

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