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ESL forum > Teaching material > What really annoys you?     

What really annoys you?


What really annoys you?
I used this link in a conversation class and now I �d like to know from you:

I´m going to compile all your answers to make a worksheet. Thanks!!

4 Oct 2011      


- Being woken up by our noisy neighbours or their squawking chickens & hens
- When people cancel at the very last minute
- Rude shop assistants
- That it usually starts raining really heavily as soon as I get on my bike!!

4 Oct 2011     

maryse pey�

- bad books
- music I don �t like
- artists doing uninteresting, boring, dispising paintings... only to earn money in a very disrespectfully and abusive way
- what is done only to oblige people buying even if perfetly useless
- unfairness
- rudeness
- cruelty towards kids and animals, nature

4 Oct 2011     

Czech Republic


4 Oct 2011     

United States

-wannabe politicians
-ignorant idiots that somehow achieve positions of prominence
-arrogant people--kind of fits to snobs(#25) I guess
-people who use an authoritative  leadership style just to show their power and/or be jerks.
-"holier than thou" people
Great topic--please let me know when you post the worksheet Smile

4 Oct 2011     

Mariethe House

- Not being able to remember where I put things
- G.... �s dirty socks lying on the floor!LOL

4 Oct 2011     


people who always ask  for more and who never give anything...
people who keeps moaning ....

5 Oct 2011     


seeing my students � G strings when they are sat in class!
realising that none of my clean clothes fit me when I �m late for work!
going on a diet and not losing any weight
being woken up in the middle of the night by mice in the attic
holes in socks
reality shows

5 Oct 2011