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ESL forum > Games, activities and teaching ideas > Looking for grammar game activities please.    

Looking for grammar game activities please.


Looking for grammar game activities please.
Looking for grammar game activities please.
To all you dear teachers out there!

Please I need your help as I have been looking and searching for some game activities for grammar work and to make up some lesson plans for these.

But have come a cropper looking for them on the internet search.

Here is my list of grammar game activities.

(1) Recognising related causes in a causal chain.

(2) Making predictions with WILL.

(3) Using will with so that.   


Some drivers drink a lot of caffeinated drinks in order to stay awake.

Some drivers drink a lot of coffee so that they will stay awake.

Expressing future possibility with If clauses.


( money managers / be discipline / achieve financial goals)

If money managers are disciplined, they will achieve financial goals.

And any activity games with the help of brainstorming for writing and editing a paragraph.

Your kindness and responses are, and most certainly would be very much appreciated in advance.

Thanks for any help on these.


5 Oct 2011      

Czech Republic

If + will - chain story - a story of a child.
One day a boy colled Jack comes home from school. He has a test tomorrow. What will happen if he studies / doesn �t study for the test?
A. If he studies for the test, he will get a good grade. If he gets a good grade, he will study at a good secondary school. If he studies at a good secondary school, he will be able to enter a university. If he will be able to enter university, he will become a doctor. If he becomes a doctor, he will work at a hospital. If he works at a hospital, he will meet his American wife there. If he meets his American wife there, they will move to America.....
B. If he goes to the disco, he will fail the test. If he fails the test, he will not have good grades. If he doesn �t have good grades, he will have to finish his studies. If he has to finish he studies, he will work as a shop assistant. If he works as a shop assistant, he will get little money. If he gets little money, he will not build a house........

so that + will - board game
use these expressions: wear warm clothes (He wears warm clothes so that he don�t get a frostbite), study law, live in the country, plan a party, read a lot, go to the gym every week, get up early, buy bio food, make my clothes, visit the poor, watch documentaries, cook dinner, teach my kids, ...

5 Oct 2011     

class centre

Thanks, Moravc! Chain story is a great and efficient idea!
I will do it tomorrow...

5 Oct 2011