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ESL forum > Grammar and Linguistics > What īs the difference?    

What īs the difference?

Russian Federation

What īs the difference?
What īs the difference if there is any
kitchen door            --           the door of the kitchen
what should we use in the test?

12. Sally opened the �. and entered.

A) kitchen īs door;

B) door of the kitchen;

C) kitchen door.

Thank you!

6 Oct 2011      


It īs always a kitchen door. You will never hear a native English speaker say something like "the door of the kitchen" or "the brother of my mother" 

6 Oct 2011     


ur given choices need 1more that is 
kitchen door that is correct use

6 Oct 2011     


ur given choices need 1more that is 
kitchen door that is correct use

6 Oct 2011     


Definitely C.
If you need proof, look it up in a dictionary under "door"
Here īs a link and you īll see the bedroom door or the fridge door no possessive is needed as in such a case the first noun is an adjectival noun, i.e. noun acting as adjective.

6 Oct 2011     


I agree with C: kitchen door. It īs what a native speaker would use.

6 Oct 2011     


I also think that C is true.

6 Oct 2011     

United States

Now that C (kitchen door) has been well established as the only correct choice, I īll add that we sometimes say "the door to the kitchen" (not "of") in specific situations.
I stayed in the dining room because the door to the kitchen was stuck.
Here are the basement steps and that is the door to the kitchen.
It īs a rather fine point, but we use this expression when we are emphasizing the passage to another place, rather than the door itself.
We painted the kitchen door white.
He asked me which is the door to the kitchen.
Did you close the attic door?
The door to the attic was always a thing of wonder to him.
I hope you can see the difference (if you care).


6 Oct 2011