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ESL forum > Grammar and Linguistics > Can you help me please?    

Can you help me please?


Can you help me please?


I �ve got a question
Is it correct to say me neither, instead of neither am I, neither do I.........
and how do you make the superlative form of I �ve got more money than... Can you say I �ve got the most money of we all, it sound funny for me.

11 Oct 2011      

maryse pey�

I have never heard "me neither" and in fact it sounds really bad !
So "neither am I" and "never do I" and other formulas with this order of words are correct.
"I �ve got the most money of US all" sounds really better. US is not subject and suits correctly here.
Have a good day.

11 Oct 2011     


Yes, you can say "me neither".

For example:

Mary: I haven �t got any money.
Joe: Me neither. I �m broke.

It is colloquial obviously, but it is said, and probably used more frequently than "neither do I".

And I agree with Maryse on the superlative form.

11 Oct 2011     


I agree with Zora, even if "me neither" sounds a bit colloquial.  To me, it sounds more natural  than "neither am I" or whatever. I �d rather use "neither do I" when writing something. Otherwise, I picture an old English lady (no offence!!!) drinking tea and having a nice chat with one of her neighbour!Wink

Do or do not. There is no try (Yoda, Jedi master)

11 Oct 2011     

United States

In the US, at least, "neither do/am I" sounds about as natural as "me, neither". We use both forms very commonly.

11 Oct 2011     


Yes, you can use "me neither".

11 Oct 2011