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ESL forum > Grammar and Linguistics > Row or line?    

Row or line?


Row or line?
If I want to prevent my students from copying when they do their tests, I always have to prepare two similar tests, as I have large classes but small classrooms. I suppose I īm not the only one, aren īt I? I usually write on top of the first page "Fila A" and "Fila B" in Italian. From now on, I want to write the same thing in English. Can I say "Line A"-"Line B" or is it "Row A", "Row B" correct? I already know about the different use of "Line" and "Row". I īd just like to know what I should use in this specific context. Can any native speakers help me?
Thank you!!

22 Oct 2011      


I would name the tests: TEST A  /  TEST B
Students sit in rows in a traditional classroom:  ROW A   / ROW B
Is this what you mean?

22 Oct 2011     


Test A and B are for different vertical rows, not horizontal ones, I don īt know if you understand what I mean.
Anyway, I suppose I can call them Test A and test B, as you suggest!!

22 Oct 2011     


What about SET 1/ SET 2 ??

22 Oct 2011     


I just put a small flower on the top of one and a small tree on the top of the other. Or a cat and a dog or ... something. I īm not sure why, but my students always complained that "B" was more difficult than "A". Not any more. 

I īm sorry, I know this is not really the answer to your question.

Test A and test B sounds fine to me. Or version A and version B because they īre two versions of the same test, actually.

22 Oct 2011     


I have tried mixing the order of question blocks to help overcome cheating with my adults,i.e. one student gets questions in numerical order 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
The next gets them in a different order  8 7 1 3 5 2 6
The thrid gets  8 7 5 4 6 1 3 2 and so on.
A little bit of cutting and pasting when creating the test but extremely difficult to copy. Easy to mark as all students have all questions just in a different order. No student can complain that one test is more difficult because they īre exactly the same questions.
Cheers Joy

23 Oct 2011