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Does anyone know songs about family???
I really need a good song for young learners!!!
Thanks in advance...
Happy New Year!!!

27 Dec 2008      

a isabel

Hello Nannini,

I know at least two: "Ode to my family" - I think by The Queen  and "Father and Son" by Cat Stevens
Good luck!

27 Dec 2008     


try this site under the listening part, there are a lot of songs about the family for kids.
www.agendaweb.org    good luck.

27 Dec 2008     


Here are some more songs :

Songs About Family Life

and All Kinds of Families

These Family Songs are available from a variety of albums:

     A Family is a Family � Skip West
     A Family Is What You Make It � Jim Rule
     Because I Said So! � Jim Rule
     Everybody Has a Family � Mar Harman
     Family � Carol Johnson
     Give Him Back � Gary Rosen
     I Drive My Mommy Crazy � Gary Rosen
     Love Is Like A Boomerang � Jim Rule
     Love Makes a Family � Two of a Kind
     Not Fair � Joe Scruggs
     (Older People Have) So Much to Share � Jan Nigro
     We Are a Family � Jack Hartmann

With following link you can find the lyrics of some of the songs http://www.butlerwebs.com/music/lyrics-family.htm

To hear the songs : go to www.youtube.com
Good luck

29 Dec 2008