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ESL forum > > WS copied but reformatted from other website (not strictly ESL)    

WS copied but reformatted from other website (not strictly ESL)

United States

WS copied but reformatted from other website (not strictly ESL)
I saw a ws today that appears to be copied word-for-word from an article on  http://grammar.yourdictionary.com/style-and-usage/mispron.html . However, the submitter had reformatted the information (put it in a table form). Is this okay or forbidden? I didn īt report it because I wanted clarification first. However, it doesn īt pass the smell test with me.

10 Nov 2011      

David Lisgo

Since frames are all that seem to have been added then it is not allowed as far as I am concerned. You can of course report it and let the moderators decide. I can assure everyone that not everything that is reported is removed.

10 Nov 2011     


We are allowed to use texts from books or the internet (except ESL books and sites), but all the exercises must be our creation.
There are plenty of articles and interesting posts we can use to add grammar, vocabulary and comprehension tasks, and if we find an interesting ESL site with useful content, the place to share is the forum, or we should bookmark it.
The worsheets must be our own creation, please give the source when using articles or posts taken from anywhere.

10 Nov 2011