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ESL forum > Grammar and Linguistics > I like it best or most?    

I like it best or most?


I like it best or most?
Hello friends,
I want to ask you, which expression is correct and/or more common?

I like Maths the best
I like Maths the most
I like Maths best
I like Maths most

Thank you :)

12 Nov 2011      


All of these can be correct.
It sounds better to me with �the �, but this could be local usage. And it depends on the context.
I personally prefer:  I like maths the best.
But if someone asked �Which subject do you like most? � my reply would be �I like maths the most. �
And I would say: I like maths best of all / most of all. - without �the �

12 Nov 2011     


I keep on saying : " I like it best" - without the .... I �ve lived in England, & as an English teacher in France I �m supposed to teach British English. ...I �d be interested to know about what other people think / use ... Mind you, I have not been searching books or the web, lazy me!
 Would you use the or not ? Why ?? Why not ?? Ha! Ha!
( Thank you Apodo for your answer ;-)))

12 Nov 2011     

United States

As an American, I would say:

"I like Math the best."

(We say �math � without an �s �).

Without �the, � it also sounds fine to my ears.

12 Nov 2011     


Thanks everyone, my first choice was "I like Maths the best" but I wasn �t sure if that �s everyday usage. Now, approved by two natives I can use it safely Smile

p.s. Sylive, I couldn �t check a book but I googled it and all I info I  got is they are all usable :) but I wanted to learn which one is more common in everyday English.

12 Nov 2011     


ofcourse the best is the correct one . drop the (s) of maths->math

13 Nov 2011     


British English - maths
US English - math
Both correct.
The most common depends where you live.

13 Nov 2011