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ESL forum > Grammar and Linguistics > how to name a person who conducts a concert, party ?    

how to name a person who conducts a concert, party ?


how to name a person who conducts a concert, party ?
the only suitable word I found is COMPERE
don �t know why, but somehow I do not like that word, maybe you know some equivalents (a person who conducts a public event, a concert, a schol party)

12 Nov 2011      

Costa Rica

MC (master of ceremony) or why not host?

12 Nov 2011     

United Kingdom

Dear Luglena,
Comp�re, (a man), comm�re, (a woman), host, hostess, Master of Ceremonies, Mistress of Ceremonies, (not often used), MC, emcee, announcer, presenter, organiser, manager, co-ordinator, administrator, marshall, director, supervisor, conductor, impresario, leader.
Some of these words are more suitable than others.

12 Nov 2011     


Host is I think a very suitable word for this. Party host sounds very natural Smile and by conduct, if you mean organize or plan, you can use organizer or planner I guess, as in Wedding organizer/Wedding planner.

12 Nov 2011     


hosta person who introduces a television or radio show, and talks to guests
announcer a person who introduces, or gives information about, programmes on the radio or television
presentera person who introduces the different sections of a radio or television programme
comperea person who introduces the people who perform in a television programme, show in a theatre, etc.
master of ceremonies -a person who introduces guests or entertainers at a formal occasion

Now it �s up to you tomake your pick:) 

13 Nov 2011