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How to be answered


How to be answered
Which is the best answer to the question  "What is this ?" "Which one is it right, "It is a pen  or  This is a pen"?I insist on teaching as "it is ........",but some friends are teaching as "this is......".I couldnt decide which one completely right is .Thanks and have a  nice week !

15 Nov 2011      


Both are completely right.

15 Nov 2011     

United States

Since you have the pencil, the student should say "That is a pencil", not "this", or "It is a pencil".

15 Nov 2011     

Mariethe House

some more information from Wordrefence forum... Never thought how difficult it would be to find an answer for such an  easy question Big smile
Here are some more examples to "help"you RoseSmile

Little kid: "What �s that?"
Mom: "It �s a book."

Non-native speaker: "What �s this?"
Teacher: "This is a book."
Non-native speaker: "What are those?"
Teacher: "Those are magazines."

Teenager 1: "What �s that?"
Teenager 2: "A book."
Teenager 1: "I know what a book is, dumbass. What �re you reading."
Teenager 2: "Huckleberry Finn. It �s for class."

15 Nov 2011     

Czech Republic

Nice explanation, Mariethe.Clap

15 Nov 2011     


I think if u ask with this,u r asking about a thing close to u.So i dont think "this" is a good option,might be as well,but "it" is better .i guess//

15 Nov 2011     

United States

w3hw3t and I agree that a questin with "this" is correctly answered with "that" or "it", usually.

16 Nov 2011     


It sounds the most natural:
What �s this? It �s a pen.
If someone asked �What is that? �
A person holding it could say, �It �s a pen. � or �This is a pen. �
What is that?  (over there)
It �s a chair
That �s a chair.

16 Nov 2011