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ESL forum > Techniques and methods in Language Teaching > How to teach verbs?    

How to teach verbs?


How to teach verbs?
Hi everybody,
This Monday I īm going to teach some basic verbs and I need teaching ideas. How can I teach them the verbs as efficiently as possible?
Thank you

26 Nov 2011      


hiii :) ı think you can look at the actions part which stay in the left side of the page. maybe it gives an idea about your toppic, search it depply both printable worksheets and powerpoints :) good luck bye...Thumbs Up

26 Nov 2011     


what age are your ss? Meanwhile here īs a free collection of simple cliparts for some basic verbs:)

26 Nov 2011     


they are 14 years old. I have very good flashcards, but I couldn īt decide how to use them. How can I use them? Any ideas of enjoyable games?

26 Nov 2011     


After you have shown them the flashcards and have repeated the verbs enough times you can ask them to guess what you do and then play pantomime.One of the students does the action the rest try to guess the verb.
Hope it helps!

26 Nov 2011     


mime game?
matching two flashcards, smth like they choose a card and then move around to find a partner, e.g. brush-----teeth, feed------pet, wash---------car, water----------plants, etc. Then they make sentences like I brush my teeth twice a day...

26 Nov 2011     


or maybe you can play SIMON SAYS with them.

27 Nov 2011     


Rach81 has a great game for you to teach Verbs, SIMON SAYS - i call it "Teacher Says" to avoid them all asking who Simon is !! ,  I love to play this game with my kids as not only do they learn the target language it also burns off alot of thier energy so when it come time to do some writing tasks they are all ready to sit still. (for a short while anyway :P.)
"teacher says touch your toes" everyone touches their toes - "teacher says jump up and down" everyone jumps - " turn around " usually two or three will turn around - Hahaha - got you sit down you and wait for the next round !!! - very funny.
After playing the game a few times i found the kids got really good at it so to make it a little harder i said one thing and made another action ="teacher says put your left hand on your head" whilst putting my right hand on my head - Hahaha (big evil laugh) you with the wrong hands on your head sit down :)
and also of course don īt forget to let the students be the teacher and call out the instruction, this will allow you to sit back and relax (for me it also allows me to catch my breath and cool down a little - it īs normally 30c here in the daytime and jumping, running, touching etc is hard work. :P ) This also gets the kids to do the talking which is what we all want at the end of the day !!
Charades is also a good game i like to play as Kodora suggested, drill the words that you are teaching that day - do a comprehension check to ensure they understand and then get 1 student to come to the front of class - show them a card with the verb on it and they have to act out the verb - ie - Card says "Brush"  they start brushing the floor with an imaginary brush - get the class to tell you what the student is doing using a full sentence- He/She is brushing the floor. - this works well as you are also exposing them to Present continuous tense ( sneeky grammar lesson as well as the vocab work. :D )
hope these ideas help - let us know how you get on
Have a nice sunday

27 Nov 2011     


Thank you very much for the ideas. I like all the ideas and I think I īll make a combination of them and use tomorrow. I hope they will work well because most of the students know only some of the very basic verbs and they can īt make sentences. I will let you know how it work.
Have a nice day.

27 Nov 2011     


The very very first topic I teach is Verbs and only verbs, so I show the flash cards with a picture in front and written way, back and I read them first, then ss. have to repeat them after me
(I introduce unless 50 verbs at a time), later I show the picture and ss. tell me the verb
then we play a bingo with the same verbs and later a domino, they look for the right pics for written cards. Finally I dictate the verbs and they write them almost perfectly. I hope you get it.
It is really easy
You can make some verbs stuff here:

Good luck!

27 Nov 2011     

United States

Here are a few different ways to teach meaning.

1. Use your body-like charades
2. Use pictures or drawings
3. Use synonyms or antonyms
4. Use situational stuff and role play

And there are more how-to videos for teaching English here:

18 Dec 2011