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Help with translation

Czech Republic

Help with translation
Hi dear friends,
I need some help with translation. We have a kind of speaking competition in our school, where the best speakers of English are chosen after speaking about some topics.
 Now, we want to print out and give diplomas to those students, who won the competition. Is it possible to translate the speaking competition as " olympiad" and the people in the commitee as "jury"? One of my colleagues did, and it doesn�t sound very natural to me. Can you help me, please?
Thanks in advance

8 Dec 2011      

Mariethe House

I am not sure but someone will help you soon!
What I meant to say was: " I am really happy to see you! Long time no see!"Heart

Olympiad /əˈlɪmpɪad/
  • 1 a staging of the ancient or modern Olympic Games.
  • 2 a period of four years between Olympic Games, used by the ancient Greeks in dating events.
  • 3 a major international contest in a game, sport, or scientific subject.  maybe it is a bit hyperbolic for your contest but, why nott after all!!Big smile
noun (pl. juries) a body of people (typically twelve) sworn to give a verdict on the basis of evidence submitted in court.

a body of people judging a competition.    Why not?

8 Dec 2011     


Hiya Renca,

Thats sounds pretty cool! Instead of �jury �. I might go with �judging panel � instead, how does that sound?


9 Dec 2011     


Hi Renca
Maybe you could call it an English speaking contest.
Judging panel (panel of judges)  is a good choice. 

9 Dec 2011     

United States

Yes, with a little bit of artistic license you can use it.
" You have been selected by our jury as the winner of our 2011 English Olympiad."
I agree with Jayhoo though that "contest" and "panel of judges" sounds better.

9 Dec 2011