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ESL forum > Grammar and Linguistics > English - an international language for communication    

English - an international language for communication

Nani Pappi

English - an international language for communication
This a video that two of my Special Educational Needs students did instead of a reading, memorizing and then role-playing lesson:
Please, feel free to comment on the youtube video. It�s important for the girls to get feedback.
They want to know if people understand their English.
Is it intelligible?
What do they need to improve?
Can you tell  their nationality from their pronunciation?
What variety do you think they are learning?
Thanks a lot for participating in this school project.

10 Dec 2011      

Morrisons Eyes


I just watched your video and I seem to be one of the first (if not the fisrt) to post an answer. I hope that I won �t be the last one...

What you did is just great. Your ss � English accent is OK and I just can imagine the amount of work they must have done to get there. As a former teacher of children with special needs, I can only congratulate you for your and their work. You can also congratulate them.

Don �t hesitate to share this video as much as possible as it can only give us ideas and give us the right direction in our teaching.

Thanks for sharing.

10 Dec 2011     


I �v just watched it and It �s really nice
and thanks for sharing it

10 Dec 2011     


I �ve just watched it and I really think you and your students did a great job. I used to teach teen-agers with special needs so I can imagine how hard they worked to get this excellent result. I can understand their English very well and the only thing I can tell by their pronounciation is that they �re not native speaker, but this is quite obvious I think!

10 Dec 2011     


Very nice indeed for students with special needs... I think getting them to speak is a victory in itself. Congrats. Loved the idea with the dolls. Keep up the good work.. I think your students will appreciate it.
Hugs Carlos Reis

10 Dec 2011     


Really super!!! if you hadn�t told us they were students with special needs, I wouln�t have noticed that!! Yes, the only thing is the accent!! but are we all natives??? Congratulations for your hard work!!! Tell your students to go on improving!!! Big hug........Clap

10 Dec 2011     


Congratulations to both your sts and you of course.It �s very hard to work with special need sts but it is also so rewarding, isn �t it? We feel we are investing a lot but it �s worthwhile!These  sts are so devoted!It was very nice to share that life lesson with us!Thanks!Keep doing that great work!

10 Dec 2011