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ESL forum > Teaching material > TEST CORRECTION?????????????????    

TEST CORRECTION?????????????????

om montaha

TEST CORRECTION?????????????????
Dear colleagues,
Can you tell me about the way you correct your tests in your classes?What are the most efficient techniques that make the pupils profit most?Do you provide them with new copies ?Do you ask them to correct on their exam papers?THANKS IN ADVANCE

10 Dec 2011      


Hello Om montaha , when I have a session provided for test corection , I prepare a REMEDIAL WORK at home , some activities dealing with the common mistakes of my pupils .
In the classroom , first I give my pupils  workseets of the test they had sothat they do it again (they can work in pairs) , they do the activities one by one and we correct simultanuously.
After the correction is over , I supply them with the remedial work which they do and we correct stressing their mistakes of course and remembering them of rules (Grammar ...) and why not writing them .
at the end , I give them  their Sheets back.   Have a nice evening...

10 Dec 2011     


I think it �s better to do the remedial work in  another session because we can �t correct and do the remedial activities in the same session. what do you think?

10 Dec 2011     


It depends on the kind of test, but if a lot of them have not done well, what do you think of re-doing the exam in group, all together, and then giving them their tests so that they can check and think of what they did wrong now that they know how to do it well? They will be more involved in the checking, probably.

10 Dec 2011     

class centre

after the test is done, I give the keys out to the sts. They check their work, correct the mistakes and explain TO ME why . So if they can not explain I send them to a specific section of the grammar material we have studied or do something to  lead them in a right way to find the answer. My deepest convinction is that the answer they find on their own ( or guess or make their own conclusion) will remain in their memory for a long time.  

11 Dec 2011