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ESL forum > Teaching material > Help! listening: Environment    

Help! listening: Environment


Help! listening: Environment
Hello everyone!

I �m looking for a listening comprehension for an exam that is coming up for my students. I �d like it to last about 1.30 min and not to be too difficult because my students are technical students and not that good at English.
It would be great if it could deal with environmental issues, green cars, renewable energies, recycling, this kind of things!

Thank you very much for your help and advice,

Treasure0911 / Audrey

10 Dec 2011      


Hi dear Audrey. I �ve got this one, but I �m not sure it �ll suit you. We usually do our listening tests for 45 minutes. But you can check:
Have a good evening.

10 Dec 2011     


This video lasts 5.26 min but it �s really nice and quite easy. It deals with the environment in Britain. You can design some easy while watching tasks for your students to check their basic comprehension skills http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V6hSylHLsYQ&feature=related
Or you could look through listening activities here and choose the one you see fit

11 Dec 2011     


Hi!! Have a look at www.saberingles.com.ar there there are some interesting listenings about environment and also videos about the topic. I hope it can be helpful. Regards!!! Jessica from Argentina

11 Dec 2011     


Hi Audrey
Elllo has short listening texts, often with comprehension questions.  Take a look at these result pages:

11 Dec 2011     



There �s an interesting video on youtube about global warming, narrated by Leonardo Dicaprio: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C3pujlkSTqo
In order to save time, you can find the transcript here: http://www.isabelperez.com/webquest/climate/transcript_warming.htm
You could check Audio Lingua too, they have a collection of audio documents dealing with environmental issues: http://www.audio-lingua.eu/spip.php?page=recherche&id_rubrique=2&id_mot=28&recherche=environment

Have a great Sunday!


11 Dec 2011     


Thank you vey much for all these links. I �m going to check them all to find what I need.
I should have mentioned that I �m looking for this document for a training for the new BAC: a listening of 1.30 min for which the students have to write a summary in their language.
It �s their first time so I did not want something too difficult.

Thanks again for your help!

Treasure0911 / Audrey

11 Dec 2011