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ESL forum > Techniques and methods in Language Teaching > Help me for multiple choice and grammar tips/clues,please...    

Help me for multiple choice and grammar tips/clues,please...


Help me for multiple choice and grammar tips/clues,please...
     Hi, dear friends.
     I want you to help me in teaching multiple choice solving techniques and grammar tips/clues to find the right option for my elementary and pre intermediate students.Do you have any useful sources/tips??
     Thank you so much...

21 Dec 2011      

maryse pey�

This is one example of Easy English possibilities.
Merry Christmas.

21 Dec 2011     


Thanks much but I want to tell my students rules,give them clues about how they can solve multiple choice exams not an online exam but written,printable exam.I need document that includes directions how to eliminate the false answer and choose the right one.

Merry Christmas,too,dear.

21 Dec 2011     


If it concerns grammar you just apply the corresponding rule
e.g. Peter___________to school every morning.
a)go  b) goes  c) going  d)are going
First question:What does the sentence contain?-Every morning
Second question:Which tense is used when there is every morning ?-Simple present
Third question:Which option is the right one?-b) because is S.Present and it s third person singular.
Why are the rest wrong?-a) wrong because there is no ending c0wrong because using -ing is not a Tense and d)wrong because it is present continuous and since Peter is He you can �t use are going
If it concerns vocabulary you explain the meaning of the various words or maybe there is a preposition which calls for a specific word such as depend on/apart from etc
Hope I �ve been of help

21 Dec 2011